Fenbendazole and Rafoxanide Oral Suspension 5%+5%

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For treatment of benzimidazole susceptible mature and immature stages of nematodes and cestodes of gastrointestinal and respiratory tract of cattle and sheep.
It is effective against immature and mature flukes and invading fly maggots. It is effective against Haemonchous sp, Oestertagia sp, Trichostronglyus sp, Cooperia sp, Nematodirus sp, Bunostomum sp, trichuaris sp, strongloides sp, iesophagostorum sp, dictyocaulus sp, moneizia sp, and fasciola species.

Dosage and administration

For oral administration.
Horse, cattle, sheep and swine: 1ml~1.5ml per 10kg body weight
Dog, cat: 5ml~10ml per 10kg body weight
Poultry: 2ml~10ml per 10kg body weight


Long-term application can cause drug-resistant strains.

Withdrawal period

Meat: 21 days
Milk: 7 days


Tightly sealed and store below 30℃.

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