Diclazuril Oral Solution 2.5%

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Solvents ad…………………1 ml

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For prevention and treatment of infections caused by coccidiosis of poultry.
It has quite well action to chicken eimeria tenella, e.acervulina, e.necatrix, e.brunetti, e.maxima.
Besides, it can effectively control the emergence and death of the caecum coccidiosis after using medicine, and can make ootheca of chicken’s coccidiosis disappear.
The effectiveness of preventment and treatment is superior to other coccidiosis.

Dosage and administration

Mixing with drinking water:
For chicken: 0.51mg (indicates the quantity of diclazuril) per liter water.
For treatment gastro intestinal worms, lung worms, tape worms:
Sheep and goat: 6ml each 30kg body weight
Cattle:30ml each 100kg body weight
For Treatment Liver Flukes:
Sheep and goat: 9ml each 30kg body weight
Cattle: 60ml each 100kg body weight

Withdrawal period

5 days for chicken and do not repeat use.


The stable period for mix-drinking is only 4 hours, so it must be mixed for timely use,
Or the treatment statement will be impacted.


Stored in cool, dry and dark place.

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