Enrofloxacin Injection 5% 10% 20% for Veterinary Use

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Enrofloxacin belongs to the group of quinolones and acts bactericidal against mainly gramnegative bacteria like campylobacter, e. coli, haemophilus, pasteurella, mycoplasma and salmonella spp.


Gastrointestinal and respiratory infections caused by enrofloxacin sensitive micro-organisms, like campylobacter, e. coli, haemophilus, mycoplasma, pasteurella and salmonella spp. in calves, cattle, sheep, goats and swine.


Hypersensitivity to enrofloxacin. administration to animals with a seriously impaired hepatic and/or renal function. concurrent administration of tetracyclines, chloramphenicol, macrolides and lincosamides.

Side Effects

Administration to young animals during growth can cause cartilage lesions in joints. hypersensitivity reactions may occur.

Dosage and administration

For intramuscular or subcutaneous administration:
Calves, cattle, sheep and goats : 1 ml per 20 – 40 kg body weight for 3 – 5 days
Swine : 1 ml per 20 – 40 kg body weight for 3 – 5 days.

Withdrawal period

Meat: calves, cattle, sheep and goats : 21 days.
Swine : 14 days.
Milk : 4 days.


Store in a cool and dry place, and protect from light.
For veterinary use only.

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