Sulfamonomethoxine Sodium Soluble Powder

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100g: Sodium sulfamonomethoxine 10g+Trimethoprim 2g

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Used for the respiratory tract injection, gastrointestinal tract injection and urinary tract infection caused by sensitive bacteria , also used for coccidiosis, swine toxoplasmosis, etc.

Dosage and Administration

Calculated on Sodium sulfamonomethoxine, for oral administration, a single dose, per 1 kg body weight, 20~25mg for livestock, twice a day, for 3~5 day continuously.


1. Continuous administration should not be more than 1 week.
2. When long time use animals should take sodium bicarbonate at same time to alkalize urine.

Side Effects

Long-term use or large doses can damage kidney and nervous system, affect weight gain, and may cause sulphonamide poisoning.

Withdrawal period

28 days.


Seal tightly avoid light.

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