Oxyclozanide 450mg + Tetramisole HCL 450mg Tablet

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Tetramisole hydrochloride …….…450mg
Excipients q.s. …………………….1 bolus

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Oxyclozanide is bisphenolic compound active against adult liver flukes in sheep and goats .following absorption this drug reaches highest concentrations in liver . kidney and intestines and is excreted as an active glucuronide . oxyclozanide is an uncoupler of oxidative phospphorylation .tetramisole hydrochloride is antinematodal drug with a broad-spectrum activity against gastro-intestinal and lungworms ,tetramisole hydrochloride has a paralyzing action on nematodes.due to sustained muscle contraction.


Xyclozanide 450mg + tetramisole hcl 450mg bolus is a pink colored broad-spectrum anthelmintic ,used for the treatment and control of gastrointestinal and pulmonary nematodes infections and chronic fascioliasis in sheep and goats .
Gastrointestinal worm : haemonchus ,oslerlagia ,nematodirus ,trichostrongylus ,cooperia ,bunostomum&oesophagostomum.
Lungworms: dictyocaulus spp.
Liver flukes: fasciola hepatica & fasciola gigantica.

Dosage and Administration

One bolus for each 30kg body weight and it is given by oral route.


Do not treat animals during the first 45days of pregnancy.
Do not give more than five boluses at a time.

Withdrawal period

Meat: 7days
Milk: 2 days
Side effects:
Salvation, diarrhea and rarely foaming of the muzzle maybe observed in sheep and goat but will disappear with few hours.


Store in a cool, dry and dark place below 30°c.


52boluses (blister packing of 13×4 bolus)

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